Potipot Island: Where the sky meets the sea

Potipot is an island in the province of Candelaria, Zambales and is roughly a 6 to 7-hours drive from Manila. It has crystal-clear water and creamy fine white sands which made it as one of the north’s best beach-bumming destinations. The beach can get very crowded during summer season.

There are many resorts along Candelaria, Zambales that can get you to Potipot Island via boat ride. We stayed at Beach House ni Dok when we went to Potipot Island last May 21, 2016. The resort is beach-front and has an amazing sunset view. We booked the Main House that’s good for 12-15 persons at an affordable price.

Facade of the Main House.
Carabao Cottage
Sunset view along the beach's fine gray sands and Potipot Island on the other side.
Sunset view along the beach’s fine gray sands and Potipot Island on the other side.

Here’s my first attempt to get a time lapse video of the sunset, but unfortunately it was cloudy at the moment.

We’ve decided to go to Potipot Island on the following day since the ocean is kinda rough on the afternoon and we had kids with us. We rented the resort’s boat for 500php good for 8 persons, two-way going to Potipot Island. It is just about 5-10 minutes boat ride from the resort.

A kind of fifty shades of blue morning where the sky meets the sea. Very relaxing.
Ready to go swimming
The Potipot Getaway Team
Docking area

There’s an entrance fee of 100php per person for day tour and 300php per person for overnight stay. There are tents, hammocks and cottages available for rent. There are also some small stores where you can buy souvenirs and basic needs.

The far side of Potipot Island where only few people swam.

It was a Sunday and the volume of people on the island was heavy and kind of disappointing that we’ve no choice left but to go the other side of the beach where only few people swam because it was rocky and almost full of seagrasses. However, we still enjoyed the fine white sand of the beach and basked in the welcoming heat of the summer sun.

The calm water of Potipot Island
The creamy fine white sand and crystal clear water of Potipot Island


Lifeguard on duty. LOL



Here are some underwater shots.




And yeah, feeling model shot. LOL


download (11)
I left my hand print at Potipot. 🙂

Overall, we enjoyed our short beach-bumming activity at Potipot Island. We had a lot of fun and the side of the beach we were at was not crowded, calm and kinda peaceful. Will I go back? Probably, yes and I hope that we can go to the good side of the beach. Happy travels, wanderers!

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  1. By: Kelsey Lim Posted: May 25, 2016

    what camera did you use? nice photos but kinda over saturated 🙂

    • By: Nizza Angay-Angay Posted: May 30, 2016

      Hi, it’s GoPro Hero4

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